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Robi robots

Alongside Stanley Qubit, you can hire several other robots exclusively through this site. These include two English-speaking Robi robots, and a Japanese-speaking Robi 2 machine.

Robi humanoids can walk, talk, dance, play games, do household chores, and more – including drive a ‘Robikuru’ car (also available). Robi robots are designed by Tomotaka Takahashi, CEO of RoboGarage and a Professor at Kyoto and Tokyo universities.

RoboHon smartphone robotAlso available for hire are four more Takahashi-designed machines: Kirobo, a version of the humanoid that visited the International Space Station, RoboHon, a smartphone robot, Sota, a personal assistant robot, and eVolta, a climbing robot. All speak Japanese and are usually only available in Japan.

Hanson Robotics EinsteinYou can also hire an interactive Hanson Robotics Albert Einstein android, which can answer science questions, and a Japanese-speaking Atom AI robot. More images of these robots are in the gallery, below.

For details about hiring any of the robots in our collection, go here.

• We are acquiring a Pepper robot from Japan. When this becomes available, we will let you know.

Robi (English) x 2
Sharp RoboHon
Mighty Atom AI (Astro Boy)
Mighty Atom AI
Hanson Einstein
Robi 2 and Robiraido
Robi 2 (Japanese)
Takahashi robots
With Robikuru vehicle
Robikuru vehicle
Sota (Japanese)
RoboHon (Japanese)
Sota 2 (Japanese)