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Robi robots

Alongside Stanley Qubit, you can hire several other robots exclusively through this site. These include two English-speaking Robi robots, and a Japanese-speaking Robi 2 machine.

Robi humanoids can walk, talk, dance, play games, do household chores, and more – including drive a ‘Robikuru’ car (also available). Robi robots are designed by Tomotaka Takahashi, CEO of RoboGarage and a Professor at Kyoto and Tokyo universities.

RoboHon smartphone robotAlso available for hire exclusively through this site are two more Takahashi-designed machines: Kirobo, a Toyota AI companion version of the humanoid that visited the International Space Station, and RoboHon, a Sharp smartphone robot that is usually only available in Japan.

Hanson Robotics EinsteinYou can also hire an interactive Hanson Robotics Albert Einstein android, which can answer science questions, and a Japanese-speaking Atom AI robot. More images of these robots are in the gallery, below.

For details about hiring any of the robots in our collection, go here.

• We are acquiring a Pepper robot from Japan. When this becomes available, we will let you know.

Robi (English) x 2
Sharp RoboHon
Mighty Atom AI (Astro Boy)
Mighty Atom AI
Toyota Kirobo Mini
Toyota Kirobo Mini
Hanson Einstein
Robi 2 and Robiraido
Robi 2 (Japanese)
Takahashi robots
Evolta (working model)
With Robikuru vehicle
Robikuru vehicle
Sota (display model)