Chris Middleton

Stanley Qubit is owned and looked after by Chris Middleton.

Chris is one of the UK’s leading business and IT journalists, and has become one of our best-known commentators on robotics and AI.

You can find out all about him at his website:, where he publishes dozens of original, in-depth reports on robotics, including on humanoid robots, industrial machines, the future of work, skills, and the impact of AI and other new technologies on business and society.

Chris has appeared many times on radio and TV – on BBC1, ITN, Radio 2, Radio 5Live, Talk Radio, and BBC local stations – being interviewed live on air about robotics and AI stories in the news. He has also been quoted in the national press, including in The Sun and Evening Standard newspapers.

Chris is an experienced public speaker, presenter, and conference chair/host, who can incorporate real robots into presentations on robotics, AI, automation, and the Internet of Things. For example, in 2017 he hosted The Crowd event Rise of the Machines in London, and has given keynote speeches on robotics and AI at numerous other events.

Among other things, Chris is consulting editor, and former editor, of one of the UK’s leading tech titles, Computing; contributing editor to diginomica (one million unique visitors); former editor of, contributing editor to Hack & Craft News; co-founding editor of the magazine Child Internet Safety; and former editor of other top business/IT titles, including Computer Business Review and Professional Outsourcing.

Over the years, Chris has written for The Guardian, The Times, the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World, Computer Weekly, Citywire, Publishing News, PC World, i-CIO, and many others.

Ultimate RobotDuring the Noughties, Chris was the author of a number of books, including Creating Digital Music and Sound; The Complete Guide to Digital Audio, Instant Graphics, and (uncredited) First Steps in Digital Design.

He was contributor to / co-editor of The Big Read Book of Books (a tie-in with the BBC TV series), and editor of (and a prime contributor to) Ultimate Robot (DK, pictured). He has edited more than 50 other books, on design, photography, video, and movie special effects.


Chris has trained as a mentor, and has worked voluntarily for foundation learning centre DV8 Training in Sussex, which helps teenagers who have left the education system early to acquire creative skills and useful qualifications.


'Maria' from the 1929 Fritz Lang movie, 'Metropolis', from Chris's collection.
‘Maria’ from Chris’s collection.

Stanley Qubit – named in honour of Stanley Kubrick, of course – is part of a robot collection that also includes Joe Auton (Robi robot), other robots designed by Tomotaka Takahashi, a Hanson Robotics Einstein robot, plus rare toys, figures, and models, and several movie icons, such as Maria, (pictured), and HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Go to Chris’ website for more information on all of the above.

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