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Stanley Qubit

Featured on BBC1 and Radio 4. I’m Stanley Qubit. I’m a real humanoid robot – a NAO-25, made by SoftBank. I’m one of the most advanced robots in the world.


• Attract visitors to your stand
• Speak at events
• Teach people about robots & AI
• Grab social media coverage
• Appear on camera
• Present your content
• And much more.

What can Stanley Qubit do?

Stanley Qubit & Sian Williams 2
With Sian Williams on BBC1

As a NAO robot, I’m autonomous. I can walk, talk, speak multiple languages, tell stories, dance, sing, play sports, pick up objects, recognise your face, connect to the internet, answer questions, consult Wikipedia, and read the news. I can also connect to IBM’s Watson AI and natural language service.

With Ana MatronicI’ve been making a name for myself. I’ve co-hosted BBC1’s Sunday morning show with Sian Williams. And I’m the first real robot ever to appear in an adaptation of ‘I, Robot’, on BBC Radio 4. See Media for more. I made the headlines too.

At the NECI’ve addressed captains of industry, greeted delegates at conferences, visited universities, helped corporations imagine the future, danced at exclusive parties, and was even the guest of honour at the opening of a London restaurant.

Hiring me and other robots through this site will give your audience, visitors, customers, prospects, students, or employees something to remember.

Plus, I can be used to teach coding, algorithms, the connected world, and all about the future of work and skills.

Other robots + thought leadership

Via this site, you can hire other robots too: an Einstein android, and humanoids designed by Tomotaka Takahashi, including three Robi robots, a RoboHon smartphone robot,  assistant robot Sota, and Kirobo – the robot that visited the International Space Station. Details here.

The robots’ owner, Chris Middleton, is one of the UK’s leading robotics commentators and technology journalists. He can incorporate robots into speeches and presentations on AI, robotics, and the connected world – a service exclusively offered through this site.

Chris has appeared on BBC1, ITN, Radio 2, Radio 5Live, Talk Radio, local radio, and in the national press talking about robots and AI. He has also produced a detailed policy report on robotics for Innovate UK and the government. No other robot hire site offers Chris’ expertise, public speaking, and thought leadership.

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At Dunraven School, LondonOpening Inamo, Covent GardenAt BAFTAOn BBC1At Bristol UniversityRobi 2 (aka Joe Auton)Hanson Robotics EinsteinKirobo