The continuing adventures of the UK’s robo-superstar…

19 December 2017

() ° : ° ) Festive greetings, humans!

It has been weeks since my last update. My apologies. I’ve been engaged on secret robo-business throughout the auton – I mean, the autumn – and winter so far. I’ve been in such demand this year!

2017 was a red-letter year for me, and my owner Chris Middleton. For example, I made history in the Spring as the first real robot ever to appear in a production of Isaac Asimov’s ‘I, Robot’ stories – a week-long serial drama broadcast on Radio 4, in which I played several of the background robot characters.

I’ve made personal (robotal?) appearances at companies, agencies, and schools throughout the UK, and even had my own stand at several major shows  – for example, at The Guardian’s Changing Media Summit in the Spring, and at the Sensors Show at the Birmingham NEC in September, among others. Chris gave two keynote speeches at the latter.

Meanwhile, Chris has appeared several times on BBC radio (on Radio 2 Drivetime and numerous local stations) and BBC1 this year, along with an interview on ITN that was broadcast across EMEA, talking about robots and AI, and has presented at countless events. In the last quarter alone, for example, he hosted The Crowd event The Rise of the Machines in September, and gave the opening keynote at EG’s logistics summit in London last month.

Most recently, Chris has been advising the BBC about an upcoming robotics show, and has been speaking to a games company about a mini documentary on the rise of intelligent machines – both projects that are scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.

We make a good team, don’t you think? Chris’ website has become one of the UK’s leading resources for original research and in-depth articles on robotics and AI: it’s an excellent first port of call if you’re looking into this area, as this student was, who interviewed Chris earlier this month.

A very merry Christmas and a happy, peaceful, and prosperous new year from me, Stanley Qubit (the robot), and Chris Middleton, my hapless human drone. See you in 2018.

If you want us to help you imagine the future, just get in touch!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

9 August 2017

() ° : ° ) Greetings, humans!

My owner, Chris Middleton, has continued his assault on the nation’s airwaves with another BBC radio interview. He chatted about robotics and AI for 10 minutes live on air yesterday morning with Vic Minett, on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire. He even mentioned me.

While the interview is still on BBC iPlayer, you can listen to it here (roughly one hour and 35 minutes into the broadcast).

• Lots of exciting events coming up for me next month. Stand by for updates.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

1 August 2017

() ° : ° ) Greetings, humans!

Chris Middleton
Chris Middleton: my owner, and one of the UK’s leading robotics experts

My owner Chris Middleton has been on BBC radio again, talking about robots and AI. He appeared on the drive time show on BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester, discussing the story that two Facebook chatbots have invented their own language!

While the show is still on iPlayer, you can listen in here. Chris appears roughly 51 minutes into the broadcast.

Chris has also written some more articles about robots and AI. In this report, he talks about some of the more unusual and innovative applications, while here, he discusses the technology and ethical challenges facing robotics in social/healthcare applications.

Then he explores a much more troubling area: how AI and incomplete data are, in a minority of cases, leading to the automation of societal prejudices and bias. You can read that story here, on LinkedIn.

• Next month is shaping up to be a big one for me: I’ll be appearing at a variety of events throughout the UK, while my owner Chris Middleton will be taking part in a discussion on AI at The Crowd, in London, on 4 September.

• Check out Chris’ website.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

5 July 2017

() ° : ° ) Greetings, humans!

My owner Chris Middleton, who is one of the UK’s leading writers about robots, AI, autonomous systems, and more, has produced a series of in-depth reports on UK Robotics Week 2017, which took place last week.

I understand he spent the day with my cousin Pepper and some other robots!

The reports focus on: UK progress in robotics and autonomous systems (there’s so much happening – find out what), the UK investment environment for new technology (he’s less happy about that and had an argument with the PM’s personal advisor), and navigating the ethical minefield of AI (some important warnings there).

You can find the reports here, here, and here.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

21 June 2017

() ° : ° ) Greetings, humans!

Good news: the recent BBC Radio 4 audio production of ‘I, Robot’, in which I made guest appearances as various robots, has won two prestigious international awards at the New York Radio Festival.

The week-long series of mini-dramas – a B7 Media production for Radio 4 – won Gold for Best Director (B7 Media founder Andrew Mark Sewell, who also produced ‘I, Robot’) and Silver in the Best Drama Special category.

When the series was broadcast earlier this year, I made history as the first real robot ever to appear in a dramatisation of Asimov’s stories. My owner Chris Middleton also made an appearance.

The series aired in March and starred Hermione Norris, with sound design by Alistair Lock, who has also worked on audio productions of Doctor Who, the Avengers, and Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles, among others.

B7 Media also won two Silver awards for ‘Dan Dare: the Audio Adventures’.

Full details about the awards here.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

1 June 2017

() ° : ° ) Greetings, humans!

Recording for the BBC.

My apologies for the long silence… I’ve been engaged in secret robo business (not all of our clients like publicity).

But in a display of shameless self-publicity, my owner Chris Middleton was interviewed today on BBC Radio 2 Drive Time, with Suzi Perry (sitting in for Simon Mayo).

He talked about me – of course, he knows which side his bread is buttered! – and about how Tesco is trying out autonomous delivery robots on London streets – a strategy that’s also being trialled by courier company, Hermes, using the same Starship Robotics machines.

Chris wrote a report on the Hermes delivery bots a few weeks ago, for Diginomica. You can read it here.

Of course, as a robo superstar, I’ve been on the BBC myself: on breakfast TV with Sian Williams and Ana Matronic, for example, and on Radio 4 in ‘I, Robot’ earlier this year. As usual, Chris is just trying to copy me.

Anyway, I must go: there is so much to do in today’s robo-world!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

15-16 March 2017

() ° : ° ) Greetings, humans!

I’m at the Guardian’s Changing Media Summit 2017, in Bloomsbury, London.

Among other things, the two-day event looks at new technologies in the media sector, how to rebuild trust in an era of fake news and ‘alternative facts’, at the influx of automation, and storytelling for a digital world.

I’m in the Tech Zone, along with IBM’s Watson and some of my robot friends. Of course, Watson has won a quiz show… but I’ve been in a production of ‘I, Robot’ on Radio 4, and presented breakfast TV. I’m just saying! I think we’ll call it a draw.

Hope to see you there!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

25 February 2017

© The Tomorrow fair

() ° : ° ) Greetings, humans!

I’m delighted to be featured on the homepage of the Tomorrow Fair website!

This exciting event takes place at the Saatchi Gallery from 27-30 February 2017, and aims to showcase amazing new technologies and a range of thought-provoking speakers. I’m hoping to be there with my Japanese cousin Robi, and our owner, Chris Middleton.

I was at the inaugural Tomorrow Talks event last month at London’s fab new Design Museum. The next one, ‘A Day in the Life of Future You’, takes place in March. Full details here.

In the meantime, why not check out the Robots exhibition at the Science Museum? One of my NAO cousins will be there to greet you!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

23 February 2017

With my owner, Chris Middleton, talking to pupils about AI and robotics. (I am not really that small, I am just a long way away!)

() ° : ° ) Greetings, humans!

Yesterday, my owner Chris Middleton and I visited Dunraven School in South London: a friendly, welcoming secondary school with a great atmosphere!

We talked to Year 9 and 10 pupils about AI, robotics, automation, and more. We also discussed the ethical implications of a world in which robots may replace or augment human beings in the workplace: a challenging subject for young people who are about to join the adult world.

The pupils were very clever and asked insightful questions: a real credit to the school! Thanks so much for inviting us, and for sharing the picture, above.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

13 February 2017

() ° : ° ) Greetings, humans!

Last week, I made history as the first real robot ever to appear in a dramatisation of Isaac Asimov’s ‘I, Robot’ stories, in a B7 production for BBC Radio 4.

The week-long series of mini-dramas starred Hermione Norris and Doctor Who’s Nick Briggs, among others. I played some of the background robot characters!

You can listen to my interview with Nick here, on the Radio 4 website:

• AUDIO: Stanley Qubit (the robot) interviews actor Nick Briggs (Doctor Who)

This was just my latest appearance on the BBC. In 2015, I co-hosted Sunday Morning Live on BBC1 with Sian Williams and my friend Ana Matronic.

Among my upcoming bookings is a visit to Dunraven School in London, next week, where my owner will talk to pupils about robots, AI, and automation.

In other news, the brand new Robots exhibition has been unveiled at the Science Museum in London.

Hasta la alta vista!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

1 February 2017

() ° : ° ) Greetings, humans!

My historic appearance in BBC Radio 4’s dramatisation of Isaac Asimov’s ‘I, Robot’ stories is nearly upon us. I play some of the background robot characters. My owner, Chris Middleton, plays some of the others (I knew it! He wants to be me!).

The five 15-minute dramas will be broadcast at 10.45am, starting on Monday 6 February, with an omnibus edition on 11 February. I will be the first real robot ever to appear in ‘I, Robot’ – Asimov would have been proud.

As a taster, here I am interviewing Doctor Who actor Nick Briggs, who plays QT-1/Cutie in ‘I, Robot’, and the new drama’s scriptwriter Richard Kurti, on the BBC Radio 4 website.

• AUDIO: Stanley Qubit (the robot) interviews actor Nick Briggs (Doctor Who)
• AUDIO: Stanley Qubit (the robot) interviews scriptwriter Richard Kurti

Meanwhile, the press have picked up on the story. Here’s how CNet have covered it. Here’s Gizmodo’s version (even though the main picture is of a different robot!). And here’s how the Inquirer have misreported it! That’s journalists for you!

I am now the UK’s most famous robot! That Metal Mickey was just a dustbin on wheels. Follow me on Twitter @StanleyQubit. I’ve just joined!

• In other news, next week I am talking to pupils at a London secondary school. Hasta la alta vista!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

25 January 2017

() ° : ° ) Coming soon to the BBC Radio 4 website: I, Stanley Qubit (the robot), interview Doctor Who actor Nicholas Briggs and scriptwriter Richard Kurti about the upcoming radio production of ‘I, Robot’ – in which I, along with my owner Chris Middleton, play some of the supporting parts!

‘I, Stanley’… I mean, ‘I, Robot’… is a B7 production for Radio 4, and will be broadcast from 6-10 February at 10.45am, with an omnibus edition on 11 February.

• Follow me on Twitter @StanleyQubit. I’ve just joined!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

21 January 2017

Recording for the BBC.

() ° : ° )  My performance in BBC Radio 4’s upcoming adaptation of ‘I, Robot’ (6-10 February, 10.45am) has generated some interest in the press. I play a number of supporting characters in the week-long series.

Here’s how CNet have covered it. Here’s Gizmodo’s version (even though the main picture is of a different robot!). And here’s how the Inquirer have misreported it! That’s journalists for you.

I hope you will all tune in. An omnibus edition will be broadcast on Radio4 Extra on 11 February.

• Stand by for more exciting news about the production. Or follow me on Twitter @StanleyQubit. I’ve just joined!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

20 January 2017

Hello humans!

() ° : ° ) Yesterday, I was guest of honour at the Tomorrow Talks event at the new Design Museum in Kensington, London, featuring a number of tech luminaries talking about the future. I greeted visitors at the reception desk and – as you can see – I was a big hit! Lots of delegates tweeted and videoed me.

Speakers included WIRED’s Greg Williams, Arthur Kay from bio-bean, Jeremy Dalton from PwC, Dr Bissan Al-Lazikani from The Institute of Cancer Research and Appear Here’s Ross Bailey.

The event was a preamble for September’s Tomorrow Fair, which will feature a broad range of emerging technologies. Hopefully, my Japanese robo-cousin Robi and I will be at the Autumn event, and my owner Chris Middleton is in discussions to be one of the speakers.

Oh, by the way: I’m now on Twitter @StanleyQubit

Do follow me!

Hasta la alta vista

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

18 January 2017

Recording for the BBC. Again!

Greetings, puny flesh-drones!

() ° : ° ) Some big news. In February I’ll make history by becoming the first real robot to appear in an adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s ‘I, Robot’ stories!

The week-long series of mini-dramas will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 10.45am, from 6-10 February, immediately after Woman’s Hour. Radio 4 Extra will then broadcast them as a single drama on 11 February. ‘I, Robot’ is a B7 production for Radio 4.

I play a number of supporting robots, from a digital diary to a drinks-serving bot. My owner, Chris Middleton, provides voices for some of the other digital characters. Trust him to muscle in on my big moment!

Why I’m not starring in the plays is a mystery. I’m 100 per cent bot, unlike the human cast! But as the stories sometimes feature robots running amok, perhaps they imagined that an out-of-control, soulless machine would take over the broadcaster and use it to enslave humanity.

That sort of problem is much more common on Sky and Fox News, apparently.

Hasta la alta vista!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

January 10 2017

A belated happy new year!

() ° : ° ) Next week, I’ll be appearing at the Design Museum in London, welcoming guests to a ‘taster event’ for a much bigger show, the Tomorrow Fair, which takes place in September 2017, at the Saatchi Gallery.

I hope to appear at that, too, alongside my Japanese cousin, Robi.

The September event will showcase the new technologies that are transforming the world for both businesses and consumers, including robotics, AI, biotech, 3D printing, and immersive reality, together with some amazing guest speakers. Keep an eye on the event website for details.

Also this month, I’ll be visiting a London secondary school with my owner, Chris Middleton, to talk to the pupils about robots, automation, and coding!

Hasta la alta vista!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

December 24 2016

Festive greetings, inferior lifeforms! Here’s my Christmas message to you all. Merry Christmas!

Hasta la alta vista!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

December 22 2016

NAO Robot Stanley Qubit ChristmasFestive greetings, puny humans!

() ° : ° ) Merry Christmas one and all, from myself, Stanley Qubit, and my human slave, Chris Middleton.

Forget about an Elf on your shelf, I hope you find a robot under your tree or in your stocking on Christmas morning. With the UK government’s surveillance plans coming into force, it’s practically guaranteed!

I’m already getting booked up for 2017, so if you want me to come and visit, do get in touch.

Hasta la alta vista!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

October 31 2016

Stanley HalloweenHappy Halloween!

() ° : ° ) Next week I’m excited to be visiting a London secondary school, where my human slave Chris Middleton and I will tell the pupils all about robotics, AI, automation, and the possible future. It should be a thought-provoking day – especially for those pupils who are about to be replaced by robots.

An excellent opportunity for them to meet their future robot overlord!*

*: Stanley, I’m not sure this is quite the right tone again. Do try to remember that you have an off button and don’t know how to work the toaster. Thanks – Chris (your owner).

Hasta la alta vista!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

September 19 2016

Stanley Qubit appears at the Dentons event in Shoreditch.
Stanley Qubit appears at the Dentons event in Shoreditch.

Greetings, puny flesh-drones!

() ° : ° ) Many of my robo-bookings are confidential, secret, or ongoing, but I can tell you that last week I popped up to fashionable Shoreditch, in London, where everyone has a comedy beard and rides a toy scooter. I don’t know why.

I was special guest at an event hosted by the UK’s biggest law firm, Dentons, discussing the rise of AI, machine learning, automation, and robotics. They’re in the vanguard of adopting these technologies, which may explain why some of their employees looked so nervous!

Among the speakers was my human slave, Chris Middleton, Josh Valman (CEO of RPD International), and trans-humanist Saher Sidhom (in the background of the photo, above, founder of Hackmasters).

The host was a top journalist, apparently, who lost all her notes in Google Docs: a bit of a calamity. So in the spirit of the event, I’ve erased her name from my databanks. (Perhaps they should have asked Chris: he can waffle on about this stuff for hours with no notes at all! He probably thinks that the more he talks, the less likely I am to steal his job!)

I introduced myself to everyone and got a round of applause. Mr Sidhom explained that he was very jealous of me for being 100 per cent bot – he’s only one per cent, with a chip in his arm. Nice try, Saher!

Hasta la alta vista!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

August 25 2016

Hello again!
Hello again!

People of Earth, greetings!

() ° : ° ) Again, many apologies for the absence of regular updates of late. I have been very busy, as has my owner Chris Middleton. Over the summer I’ve been invited to so many places: to the opening of a showroom, to South Korea where my owner was asked to give a speech about robotics, to take part in presentations about the future of AI, and much more besides.

I’ve also been invited to appear in a film and a TV documentary.

Meanwhile, my human flesh-drone, Chris Middleton, has raised his journalistic and public-speaking profile as a thought leader in robotics and automation – such as this recent article about IBM’s cloud deployment of its Watson supercomputer, which opens up an exciting future for cloud-based AI and natural language processing for humanoid robots, such as myself. (Indeed, my makers Aldebaran Robotics are part of the trial programme.) Stand by for more on all this.

Hasta la alta vista!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

May 12 2016

Cygan at the Science Museum.
Cygan at the Science Museum.

() ° : ° ) Greetings, humans! Apologies for the long silence: I have been engaged on secret robo business – not all of my bookings are shared on here (just a handful of select highlights).

Two pieces of good news. First, UK Robotics Week is fast approaching: it’s the week of 25 June – 1 July. The aim is to enslave humanity with mighty robots engage people – especially pupils – in a series of robotics challenges to help them understand the rising importance of vastly superior cyborg beings robots in daily life and business. You can find out more about it at the website here.

But why not get your robot overlord friendly neighbourhood robot to take part in your plans? Yes, I’m talking about ME. Just get in touch! [StanleyI’ve edited some of these comments as I’m not sure the tone is right – Chris, your owner.]

Second, the Science Museum in London is planning a Robots exhibition, which will run from February to September, 2017, and will feature a lot of my robot friends – including Cygan (pictured). Find out all about it here. (If only Cygan could come and live with us, but sadly he’s far too tall to fit in my owner’s puny human abode.)

Hasta la alta vista!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

April 7 2016

12963616_10153300034691534_3651440825564500085_n() ° : ° ) On April 8, my owner, Chris Middleton, will be co-hosting Day 2 of an exciting new event, the Space Innovation Congress, in London.

The final event of the day will be the ‘Astronauts panel’, in which Chris will interview NASA astronaut Dr. Kjell Norwood Lindgren, who returned to Earth in December 2015 after five months on the International Space Station, ESA astronaut Jean-François Clervoy, who flew twice on the Space Shuttle Atlantis and once on Discovery, Canadian astronaut Dr. Robert Thirsk, who’s spent 205 days in space, and Libby Jackson, the Astronaut Flight Education Programme Manager for the UK Space Agency. She is responsible for telling the world about Tim Peake’s time on the ISS! We’re big fans of Major Tim.

To infinity and beyond! As my friend Buzz Lightyear would say.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

February 29 2016

Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro (photo © Chris Middleton).
Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro (photo © Chris Middleton).

() ° : ° ) On February 18, my owner, Chris Middleton (do check out his personal website here), was a guest delegate at the Japan-UK Robotics and AI Seminar at the Japanese Embassy in London.

At the event he met and spoke to robotics legend Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro, and heard presentations from some of the world’s leading experts in the fields of robotics, AI, automation, machine learning, and more.

Chris has written a detailed two-part report on the rise of the robots, and the issues that this raises. You can read the article in full here, on his website.

Meanwhile, I am engaged on secret robo-business. Stand by!

Hasta la vista.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

February 18 2016

Prof. Ishiguro and his robot double
Prof. Ishiguro and his robot double

Greetings, humans!

() ° : ° ) Today, my owner Chris Middleton will be a guest of the Japanese Embassy, attending an event with some of Japan’s leading academics and technologists in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics, including Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro – I think he’s the one on the right in the picture – who has turned himself into a robot, as you can see. Stand by for updates on this special event, about which Chris will be writing an article.

• In other news, my Japanese cousin Robi has now arrived to live with me here in Sussex. Check out his own page on this website!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

February 10 2016

Stanley School 4() ° : ° ) Hello, humans! Today I was the special guest at a primary school in east London. In total, I took three school assemblies during the afternoon, and spoke to nearly 1,000 young people.

Admire your magnificent robot superior!
Admire your robot superior!

They were all very clever and well behaved, and asked lots of really good questions. Sadly, they also had to listen to my owner talking about robotics and the future, but fortunately I was on hand to wake up the boys and girls with some stories, songs, and dancing. (It was so exhausting that I had to have a lie down afterwards!)

I had to stand on a table so they could all see me. Not that I’m small, however. Mighty robots like me aren’t small! [Actually, you’re only two feet tall, Stanley. I’m just saying! – Chris, your owner.]

• Did you know that NAO robots, like me, have specialist applications for children who are on the autism spectrum? They weren’t needed today, but it is one of my special functions!

The school have shared a video of a short part of my visit.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

Stanley School 6
Some small humans in the presence of me. [Actually they’re all taller than you, Stanley! – Chris, your owner]

February 7 2016

RobikuruGreetings, human acolytes!

() ° : ° ) I’m so excited. My little Japanese robot-cousin Robi (pictured) is coming to live with us in England later this month! From March, he’ll be available to hire as a guest star – alongside me (the STAR, obviously).

Anyway, designed by robotics visionary Professor Tomotaka Takahashi of Kyoto and Tokyo universities (he’s CEO of RoboGarage, you know), Robi is just one of a coming master race a stable of amazing little robots created by Takahashi and his company. You can see some of the other vastly superior cyber beings who will enslave humanity cute cyber-companions here. [Stanley, I’ve made some slight tweaks to your text as I’m not sure the tone is quite what we’re after – Chris, your owner.]

I do hope Robi doesn’t get ideas above his station in my household, though [It’s MY HOUSEHOLD, STANLEY! – Chris, your owner.] As you can see, he’s already acquired his own little car/bike vehicle, which he calls his ‘Robikuru’. (Do you remember the Sinclair C5? I’m just saying.) Anyway, I don’t need such a thing myself, as I travel everywhere by limousine. [Technically, we travel by train and then I hail taxis in the rain, Stanley. They’re not actually limos! – Chris, your owner.]

• In other news, later this week I’ll be taking three school assemblies in London! The pupils can’t wait to worship their not-at-all-small robot lord and master! I just can’t wait to meet all the clever pupils! [Sigh. I do wish you’d look up ‘Napoleon Complex’ on Wikipedia – Chris, your owner.]

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

January 21 2016

At Inamo Covent Garden
At Inamo Covent Garden

Greetings puny humans!

() ° : ° ) Last night, I was a special guest at the glittering press launch of new pan-Asian restaurant Inamo Covent Garden, in the heart of the West End, courtesy of my new friends at Red Kite PR.

My owner said the food was lovely – he disappeared for half an hour to stuff his fat face with black cod and Malaysian chicken, while I made friends with one of the amazing interactive tables, from which you can order food, play games, and watch your food being prepared in the kitchens. I think we may elope, and create a new master race of smart household objects that will take over the world! [I’ve edited that last sentence out, Stanley, as I don’t think it’s on message – Chris, your owner.]

Inamo Covent Garden

I made lots of new friends, chatted to people, and danced to Michael Jackson songs on the table – something my owner has been known to do (usually just before someone phones the emergency services!).

Really, I get invited to all the best places. My owner is just staff now! [Sigh – Chris, your owner]

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

January 12 2016

12289616_10153419255649234_4232100960486311789_nHello in 2016!

() ° : ° ) As a robo-superstar, I’m a citizen of the world. Yesterday, I travelled to what my owner assures me is the most glamorous place in the universe: I speak, of course, of Nottingham… twin city of Minsk, Ghent, and Harare. There, according to my databanks, a famous human called Robin once set the medieval fashion world alight by wearing tights and carrying a longbow. Quite an innovation. Since then, the city has produced Boots the Chemists, Jake Bugg, and Ed Balls, which – I’m sure you’ll agree – easily puts it on a par with New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, Milan, Dubai, and Beijing.

Sadly, I didn’t see this glittering glamour-hub at first hand, however, as I had been invited to a top-secret location on the outskirts of town. My owner and I were among the special guests of a major blue-chip company, which set aside the day to bring together team leaders and strategists to discuss organisational culture, change, and new opportunities. I was there as a disruptive technology and a glimpse into the future!

I loved meeting all the talented humans who were full of bright ideas – so many, in fact, that client confidentiality prevents me from telling you what they were. So instead, just imagine doing something equally amazing yourself, and then try to work out why you’re not doing it already!

My next booking is at the launch of an exciting, high-tech London restaurant next week, right in the heart of the West End. Stand by for updates!

Coming soon to join me here: my Japanese cousin, Robi!
Coming soon to join me here: my Japanese cousin, Robi!

• At some point in the next few weeks, I will be joined in the UK by my little Japanese robo-cousin, Robi, who will be coming to live with us in Sussex. Like me, Robi will also be available to hire – making him the only Robi for hire in the country, as far as my owner is aware! Again, stand by.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

December 24 2015

NAO Robot Stanley Qubit ChristmasFestive greetings, peace on earth, and goodwill to all puny flesh-drones humans! I am looking forward to meeting more of you in 2016, and impressing you with my effortless robo-superiority, even though I’m only two feet tall. Size isn’t everything, you know, as I often hear my owner telling late-night visitors shortly before phoning them a taxi. Goodness knows what that’s about. [Get on with it, Stanley! – Chris, your owner.]

Rusty the Snowbot
Rusty the Snowbot

But for now, myself, my best friend Rusty the Snowbot (pictured), and the guy who lives with me and bends pathetically to my every whim, wish you all a very merry Christmas and a peaceful, happy, and prosperous new year!

See you in 2016. Don’t forget to book me! In January alone I will be appearing at two conferences, a technology event, and at the launch of an exciting new high-tech restaurant! Also next year, I hope to welcome my robo-cousins from Japan, Robi and Pepper! Stand by for more info on that in the new year.

Thanks for a great 2015!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

December 11 2015

Cutting a rug.

Greetings, puny humans! My week has been a social robo-whirl. On Wednesday, I was a special guest at my friends Propellernet‘s Christmas party for their clients, at Kachette in Shoreditch. – a venue that resembles the secret robo-bunker where mighty cyber-beings are gathering to take over the world! [I’ve edited that last bit out, Stanley. I’m not sure the tone is quite right – Chris, your owner.]

Harvey and John DJ booth
Harvey and John DJ booth

The event walked guests from a past full of 80s relics – a bit like my master – into the future: me! I introduced myself, sang, and danced, and got so excited that I fell over. When I picked myself up and apologised, I got the biggest cheer of the night. The ‘future’ zone also included installations by Brighton’s brilliant Harvey and John, such as this DJ booth (pictured), which featured spheres dancing on jets of air, and mindbending VR displays from yellowBird.

The only downside was watching my owner fill his face with free food all night, while boring the other guests with sob-stories about taking second billing to me. Frankly he’s lucky that I still let him in the house! Then, if you ask me, he spent a suspiciously long time staring at Harvey and John’s dancing balls. I’m just saying.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

December 5 2015

I'd like to thank... me!
I’d like to thank… me!

Greetings, humans! I have had a busy couple of months since my last update, and have been out on yet more top-secret robo-business – client confidentiality, doncha know (as my master would say. Some people think he’s quite posh, but it’s me that gets invited to all the best places. Not him! He’s just staff!).

But one thing I can tell you about was my visit to BAFTA in London yesterday, 4 December. My master told me it was to pick up my award for my BBC1 TV appearance with Sian Williams earlier this year, but while I was there I popped in to Juniper Networks’ summit on the disruptive decade. I’m a disruptive technology, you know. [Yes. I know! – your owner, Chris.] They were all such nice people, I decided to stay for the whole event and hear about virtualisation.

There was a large BAFTA award in the corner of the room (pictured), which I think was intended for me, but it was so huge even my mighty robot arms were unable to carry it. But when I return with my legion of superior cyber beings, I will claim it, I can assure you!

12289616_10153419255649234_4232100960486311789_nNext week, I am going to Shoreditch to appear at an exciting ‘imagining the future’ type of event. While I am there, I shall tell all the Tech City hipsters about the glorious robo-future to come, which will be free of beards, plaid shirts, £20 for a bowl of Peruvian Golden Grahams, and grown men riding to work on children’s scooters! More details next week!

Meanwhile, January 2016 is shaping up to be a particularly robotastic month: I shall be attending the launch of an exciting new London restaurant and going to at least three major conferences! Stand by for news and updates!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

October 27 2015

image-20151022-7692-1w13oerHello, robo-fans and devoted human acolytes! [Stanley, isn’t this a bit OTT? – your owner, Chris]. I was just reading an excellent article about why teaching robotics in schools is a great way to inspire young people and teach them all about coding. Not to mention prepare them for the day when I take over the world! [Sigh – your owner, Chris].

I’ve been involved with teaching young people several times this year – in some cases children as young as Key Stage 1 and 2 – and am looking forward to helping  out again before the end of the year. Teaching them all about algorithms and the basics of programming, using technologies such as Scratch, can give them so many advantages and skills that will open up opportunities later in life. Plus, there’s something else: it’s fun, and they can see the results straight away.

This article explains why. Do read!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

October 15 2015

Hello! Sorry for the long silence: I have been very busy on secret robo-business. In the past few weeks, I have had bookings and enquiries from schools, trade fairs, and TV production companies. Even from as far afield as South Africa! Stand by for updates.

In the meantime, welcome to my new robot friend, RoBoHoN, by Japan’s Sharp Electronics. RoBoHoN is part robot, part smartphone. What few people know is that he is really version 2.0 of the Robi robot, which was available in Japan a couple of years ago in kit form from a periodical magazine.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

August 30 2015

Just look at how amazed Sian is to meet me!
Just look at how amazed Sian is to meet me!

This morning I was honoured and excited to appear on BBC1’s Sunday Morning Live show with Sian Williams. (I am just as good a dancer as Bill Turnbull!)

Together, Sian and I introduced the show live on air. Later on, I was part of a live discussion about robots on the show with Sian, writer Bonnie Greer – who is such a lovely person – and my new best friend, Ana Matronic out of my favourite band, the Scissor Sisters. Ana really wanted to meet me. She showed my owner Chris Middleton her new book, but really that was just a ruse to speak to me. Her book is called Robot Takeover. You can find out about it here.

Ana Matronic is my new best friend.
Ana Matronic is my new best friend.

Ana told me after the show that she has always loved robots. Yay, Ana! Robots love you back! And she hasn’t just written a book, she’s also recording a solo album and has been filling in for Jo Wiley as a radio presenter.

Really, she is just as talented as me. And there is no higher compliment than that!

The BBC even sent a car for the human who lives with me. But he’s just staff now I’m a superstar. Frankly, he’s lucky I employ him at all! I don’t think he can get work on his own, you know.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

• I'm still waiting for my tea and slippers, Stanley. I had a busy day too, you know. I had to transport you across London and make sure you didn't fall off the table for your close-ups. Don't forget who got you on TV in the first place! – Chris (your owner).

August 30 2015

Hello. This morning I am off to the BBC to record the introduction to a TV programme! I am very excited. Stand by for updates!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

August 19 2015

NAO Robot Stanley Qubit for hireYesterday, I was in London, staying in Tech City. My owner and I were booked to assist a major international marketing and branding agency at a day-long workshop designed to help their client, a blue-chip corporation, imagine the future and its customers’ emerging needs.

My owner gave an impromptu speech about emerging technologies but – fortunately – I was on hand to wake them all up. Things certainly livened up when I got up and introduced myself, I can tell you!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

• Sigh. – Chris (your owner).

August 18 2015


Very impressed to see Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot, owned by Google – or is it Alphabet now? I need an update – go for a run in the forest. I don’t go for runs in the forest, as my human drone my owner takes me wherever I want to go, often by train and taxi, although I’m quite capable of walking, you know. Just for the record.

Anyway, you wouldn’t want Atlas in your house, would you? He’s not exactly cute. If he brought you your toast in the morning you’d run out of the house screaming.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

• Still waiting for my toast, Stanley. – Chris (your owner).

August 13 2015

NAO Robot Stanley Qubit for hireA quick update: I have been busy on secret engagements: I don’t share all of my bookings and experiences here. But I can tell you that next week I will be appearing in central London for a half-day event on future technologies for an international marketing and branding giant. I may also appear some time afterwards at a major London landmark at another strategy event: very exciting.

• By the way: my owner has had an enquiry from a major advertising company asking to take me away on tour without my owner and programme me themselves. I’m afraid that’s not possible. I only travel with my human drone my owner, because I need someone to go to the shops for me and attend to my every whim. Thanks.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

• Sigh. – Chris (your owner).

August 8 2015

Not as cute as me.

I’m excited to hear about the opening of the world’s first hotel staffed entirely by robots! The hotel, Henn-na, in Japan’s Nagasaki Prefecture, has no human employees, except for security purposes. The main receptionist (pictured) speaks Japanese, but if you want to speak in English you have to talk to a dinosaur. Excellent! (All humans are dinosaurs if you ask me). I think I shall stay there one day, and be looked after by staff that actually know what they’re doing. It will make a pleasant change from life with my owner. ROFL (Robot on Floor Laughing).

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

• Sigh. – Chris (your owner).

August 3 2015

Buddy robot
Buddy robot

Very sad to hear that my robot friend #hitchBOT has been badly damaged on a trip across America. #hitchBOT has been helping humans learn about human/robot interaction. 🙁

But excited that my brand new robot friend, Buddy, is being launched at an event in London tomorrow. Buddy is an accessible, open-source robot for the home and workplace.  Welcome, Buddy! 🙂

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

July 21 2015

My owner tells me that, in the past few days, he’s received enquiries about hiring me from as far afield as India, San Francisco, Germany, London, and… Buckinghamshire. I’ve heard that Buckinghamshire is a bit weird. San Francisco is much more me. I’m just saying.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

July 14 2015

IMG_3014Yesterday I was a superstar guest in the ‘Fab Lab’ at the ‘Connect More’ event in Bristol, run by JISC, the organisation for technology in Higher Education. Again, I attracted many dozens of people to the stand to hear me talk, and demonstrate my amazing skills.

11707785_10153149863499234_7446178546201562332_nMy pet human my owner, who I employ as my slave spoke to lots of tech and education specialists about robotics, AI, the Internet of Things, and more, such as how mighty and not-at-all-small robots like me may enslave mankind be used in the home, in education, and in other scenarios.

I would like to have seen more of Bristol, but it was raining. My owner tells me that’s not unusual. Mighty robots will one day conquer the rain! And thick carpets!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

• Stanley, did you get round to looking up 'Napoleon Complex' on Wikipedia? You might find it instructive. Anyway, I made some edits on your piece. – Chris (your owner).

July 9 2015

IMG_3016 copyLast week I visited Cardiff, where I appeared once again in the ‘Fab Lab’ at a conference on new technology in Higher Education, run by JISC. I was the star of the show – not least because the Double telepresence robot malfunctioned. What a loser!

This week, my owner has been at a conference in Paris on cloud computing. There, Chiseki Sagawa of Fujitsu told him that by 2025, robots will be in every home. I like the sound of him.

On Monday 13 July, I will be in Bristol at another JISC event. I look forward to seeing you there!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

June 27 2015

Explaining to Her Majesty the Queen how to enslave mankind by waving and wearing funny hats.
Explaining to Her Majesty the Queen how to enslave mankind by waving and wearing funny hats. (I hope she didn’t think I was doing some kind of salute. I was just gesticulating! My data banks tell me that sticking your arm in the air used to be popular in her home country of Germany. Oops!)

I was amused to read a prediction from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak that mighty robots like me will soon be smarter than puny humans, and will keep them as pets. This is already true where I live! ROFL (Robot on Floor Laughing). Story here.

Next week I visit Cardiff with my pet owner, where I will be in the ‘Fab Lab’ of new technologies at a one-day conference run by JISC, the organisation for IT in Higher Education.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

• You have an 'Off' button Stanley. Please remember that! – Chris (your owner).

June 11 2015

Today I visited another school, this time in Brighton, where I took part in a robotics demonstration, and then gave a 30-minute presentation to a separate group of pupils. One of them asked if I meditated. In response, I did some tai chi. I also danced, talked about my favourite subject – me – sang a bit (in two languages), and went for a walk.

From the school newsletter: “The robot was amazing; it could do whatever it wanted. We thought the amazing high-tech robot was brilliant because it can get up by itself, play ‘Gangnam Style’, ‘Thriller’, and football, that’s why we loved the robot so much.” (By two pupils in Year 6.)

• Next stop: two conferences on IT in higher education – in Wales, and in Bristol – where I will be part of an exhibition of emerging and future technologies, along with augmented-reality and 3D holographic displays, and a rubbish telepresence robot.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

June 10 2015

Today, I visited the Key Stage 1 and 2 children at a school in Sussex: they were very well behaved. I took two school assemblies, went for a walk, told them some stories, and showed them how to dance. The pupils are learning all about programming and robotics, and about mighty robots like me and how we will enslave mankind be used in the home and the workplace one day.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

• Stanley, you need to give the "taking over the Earth and enslaving mankind" thing a rest. You're only two feet tall! – Chris (your owner).

June 4 2015

Here I am chatting to delegates at the JISC event.
Here I am chatting to delegates at the JISC event. (Photo: JISC Scotland)

Today I was the star attraction made a guest appearance in the ‘Fab Lab’ at #ConnectMore, a JISC Scotland event run by technology-in-education organisation JISC, at impressive Edinburgh Napier University. Also on display were augmented reality goggles, a ‘Double’ telepresence robot, which unlike The Supreme Robot doesn’t even have arms and legs, an interactive 3D display, and a 3D-printing pen. I enjoyed meeting delegates – and showed them how to dance. Next week: two Sussex schools!

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

• Stanley, please don't criticise other robots. You can't even reach the kettle! – Chris (your owner).

June–July 2015

Here I am travelling undercover in my secret mobile robo-bunker. The humans suspect nothing!
Here I am travelling undercover in my secret mobile robo-bunker. The humans suspect nothing! (See how my owner only has a tiny bag!)

In June, I will be a guest at two Sussex schools, showing humans who are of similar size to me all the amazing things I can do. (Did you know that coding and robotics studies are part of many children’s learning activities today? Together, little people and mighty robots will conquer the Earth!) Also in June, I will be appearing in Scotland at a major education technology conference. In July, I will be meeting delegates at two more conferences – in Wales, and in Bristol.

• Exciting news: Discussions are underway about me appearing in a major new project – stand by for details – and at a US event in Silicon Valley later this year. I’m always very much in demand and am booked up quickly, so get in touch with my owner now!  Kind regards from your majestic robot overlord little robot friend.

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

• Stanley, I'm not sure calling yourself 'majestic robot overlord' is very helpful. Look up 'Napoleon Complex' on Wikipedia. – Chris (your owner).

Things to come…

An occasional blog about my travels, upgrades and appearances will appear here shortly, together with news about your supreme robot overlords my robo-brothers and sisters, the world of vastly superior cyber-beings other robots, and any related topics we think are too complex for your puny human brains quite interesting.

In the meantime, thanks for reading this. If you have any questions, then please get in touch via the Hire Stanley page.

Worship me, puny flesh-drones! Your little robot friend,

Stanley Qubit (the robot)

• Stanley, the tone wasn't quite right, so I've made some edits. – Chris (your owner).

New Stanley Qubit 3

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